Feature Overview

Risk Assessments

AML Search v4 makes it a quick and easy process to carry out Client Due Diligence Risk Assessments in real-time.

Automated Risk Assessments don't only save time and cost, AML Search v4 ensures your compliance procedures are adopted firm wide, irrespective of the number of users, or office locations.

AML Search v4 allows you to carry out Risk Assessment on Individuals and Organisations, both UK and International and including Simplified and Enhanced Due Diligence.

The CDD Record

AML Search presents a unified searchable view of your firms Client Due Diligence including both Individuals and Organisations.

Searchable CDD records contain your Client Risk Assessments, Documentary Evidence, Relationships, On-going Due Diligence Monitoring and Audit data.

Real-time Compliance Reporting

Demonstrate your compliance for a Client or Firm wide using our Summary and Full Compliance Reports.

Our real-time compliance monitoring ensures you are alerted to changes in circumstances, data and documentation in real-time. Your Compliance Rating is clearly displayed on your AML Search dashboard ensuring, irrespective of the disparate nature of your offices or users, that your firms AML compliance is always up-to-date.

Compliance Reports can be generated in real-time, clearly demonstrating your regulatory compliance.

Documentary Evidence

Our integral document management allows your users to add, manage and certify Client documents within the CDD Record.

Centralising your Client CDD documentation protects your Client from the risk of fraud or identity theft, whilst allowing your users full access to use documentation as a part of a CDD Risk Assessment.

All User access is monitored and audited, and documentation is monitored to ensure that it is both suitable and remains valid for Client Due Diligence.


Quickly and easily define relationships between Clients, from spouse to family member or Director to Shareholder.

AML Search v4 makes it easy to further detect and identify risks and allows you to carry out conflict checking in real-time.

On-Going Due Diligence

Circumstances and data can change from day-to-day making it a difficult and complex process to continue to ensure your Client Risk Assessments are compliant.

AML Search v4 interactively monitors your Risk Assessed Clients to ensure they remain compliant, creating warnings and alerts when data or documentation adversely effects any of your Risk Assessments.

Audit Data

Our clear, searchable audit data makes it a simple process to understand who did what - and when.

All AML Search Reports and Documents contain in-built audit information ensuring you have a full audit trail to the initiator of the Risk Assessment.

Record Keeping

In order to demonstrate compliance firms are required to evidence their Client Due Diligence on a per Client and Firm wide basis as required by regulators.

The centralised approach taken by AML Search v4 makes this a simple process using our real-time Compliance Reports.

There are additional management responsibilities for regulated firms, including a maximum CDD data retention of 10 years. All AML Search v4 data and documentation is monitored, with notifications generated when data or documents expire and require secure deletion.

We provide a secure deletion of data and records, including Secure Deletion Certification.


Security is our highest priority. As a User of AML Search v4 you will benefit from the advanced data center, network architecture and encryption architecture that we utilise in partnership with Amazon AWS.

AML Search v4 is deployed through Amazon AWS Cloud computing services, a service which meets the security requirements of the most security-sensitive organisations, including banking and financial services, military and government.

AML Search restricts its data processing and data storage to secure locations within the United Kingdom.

For further information about physical, network or data center security please see Amazon AWS Security and AWS Overview of Security Processes

Contact our specialist team to discuss your compliance needs, arrange an on-site demonstration or webinar.

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Contact our specialist team to arrange a full demonstration or webinar to demonstrate AML Search v4

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Simply and quickly implement and demonstrate your compliance with regulations, law and best-practice procedures


Our unique electronic Risk Assessments reduce time and costs by automating your CDD, monitoring and record keeping


No license fees, upfront costs or per user seat fees, AML Search is a simple pay-as-you use service that can be treated as a disbursement


Our experienced support team are available to assist you and your personnel in real-time through our integral support systems

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